Sunday, August 21, 2011

21 Day Challenge, Day 7: Layering Accessories

Day 7, Layered Accessories

I made it through week one, and I've met every challenge! Plus I've blogged every day, which is unheard of for me. Now, there's no chance I'm going to become a fashion blogger after this 21 Day Challenge is over, but it has been such a great experience so far. We'll see if I've changed my tune after week two. :-) Today the challenge was to layer accessories. I don't think I came up with a particularly interesting look, but it is definitely outside my normal comfort zone. I've actually been accessorizing much more than normal this past week. Typically I wear my cross and the same pair of silver earrings, and maybe I'll throw on a bracelet. I used to wear more jewelry, but I have a bad habit of losing it. My skin is pretty sensitive, and I don't really like the feel of it, so I take it off and misplace it. All this to say, generally I don't really bother with accessories, so I definitely don't layer them.

I played around with them a lot trying to decide what to layer. I had fun with it, but in the end I decided to keep it pretty simple. We left on a short getaway right after church, and since we were going to be spending time in the car and playing tourist, my main goal with my clothing was comfort. I decided to wear a necklace with my cross, and wear three bracelets. I pretty much never wear other necklaces with my cross. On the rare occasion that I do wear a different necklace, I just don't wear the cross. What I took from this challenge is that I'll have to be on the lookout for other necklaces I can wear with it, because I feel kind of naked without my cross.

Day 7, full length

Dress and shoes: Kohls; Tank: Valerie Stevens, hand me down (it's part of a twinset with the cardigan I wore Monday; Cross: gift; Turquoise necklace: ? I don't remember; Bracelets: I made the one with black beads, the other two are hand me downs


  1. I'm really enjoying blogging every day, too! I hope I can come up with something to say every day after it's over...

    I think that turquoise color is lovely on you, especially with your awesome brown hair.

    I have a slight metal allergy - nickel on my skin makes me itch after a while, but I love wearing jewelry! This usually means that by the end of the night my earrings are on the windowsill, my bracelets are on the desk, and my necklace is draped over the end of the couch. It drives my husband crazy. :)

  2. The black and turquoise is such a nice combo.

  3. I like your mix of accessories! And that turquoise color is so pretty next to your face. You'll have to wear this again. :-)


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