Saturday, August 20, 2011

21 Day Challenge: Day 6, Unconventional

Day 6, Unconventional

Today for the 21 Day Challenge we were supposed to take an item of clothing and wear it in an unconventional fashion. At the beginning of the week I thought this would be really hard for me. Thankfully, after a week of seeing all the creative outfits the other women in the challenge were putting together, it was a lot easier to get my head around the idea.

I ended up having a very swimwear oriented day. I struck on the idea of using this bikini top from my college days. Even though I haven't worn a bikini in years, I haven't let go of this one because I love the colors. I tried this as a headband, which I really liked, but then when I was trying to decide what to wear with it, I thought of this T-shirt dress. It's also from college, making both of these over 10 years old, and I've only kept the dress for use as a swimsuit cover-up. I thought it would tie in well with the orange in the swimsuit. So then I decided to tuck it into this skirt, and wear the swimsuit top as a belt/sash.

I'm hitting on a ton of challenge prompts today. I'm tucked in, belted, and wearing a closet orphan, in addition to fulfilling the prompt for today. I thought it wasn't a bad look for casual Saturday running errands. But I don't recommend unconventional dressing when you're going to be trying on clothes! One of my errands was to try on some clearance swimsuits for a brief getaway we're taking this week. No luck unfortunately, and this outfit was kind of a hassle to take off and put on.

T-shirt dress as shirt: the Limited; bandeau bikini top as sash: Old Navy; Skirt (only 5 years old), J. Crew; Flip flops: my mom brought these back from India


  1. Great idea! The colors are fantastic.

  2. How many prompts can you get in one outfit? :)
    It looks awesome as a belt, and I can see it working really well as a headband too!

  3. Wow! That is a super creative idea. I have been following your posts! I have been so bad at commenting because I often read them on my phone at 3am when I'm feeding the baby. ;)

  4. What a fantastic outfit! I love it. What a great use of your old swimsuit top. Awesome.


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