Saturday, June 18, 2011

Things to which I have been up

Since the last time I wrote here I have:
  • Spent a long weekend with our dear friends in Grand Rapids. Young men don't turn 6 every day, you know.
  • Celebrated my own birthday. For my 6th birthday, I got a Peaches and Cream bicycle with a banana seat. For my 33rd, I got an enameled dutch oven and Legos.
  • Entered with faith and love into Holy Week, and passed through it to celebrate the most glorious Resurrection of our Lord.
  • Sung and proclaimed Christ is Risen! throughout the Paschal season. I'm sorry I didn't do so here this year, so I'll say it now: Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen! Because, of course, this is always true.
  • Spent Bright Week in Decatur, Georgia for a conference for work, thanks to a grant. It was a really good conference, and I enjoyed Georgia very much. 
  • Watched the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Braves in extra innings.

  • Removed the wallpaper border in my bedroom, at long last.
  • Loved heading straight to the farmer's market after work each Friday since the beginning of May.
  • Gotten out of the cooking funk I was in, thanks to the joy of fresh veggies, and tried some tasty new recipes. I think I was really ready for the change of seasons. 
  • Failed at finding my kitchen cleaning mojo when I got back in the cooking groove. Consequently it seems like the kitchen has been in a constant state of disaster lately. Ugh. 
  • Planted my vegetable garden and my herb and flower pots.
  • Weeded.
  • Watered
  • Weeded
  • Watered.  Ad infinitum, it seems; we've had very little rain here since I planted the garden.
  • Said good-bye to my beloved green VW Beetle. It needed over $3,000 of repairs. With much anguish, we decided it wasn't worth it to put that into the 10 year old car.
  • Purchased a 2007 Honda Fit. It made more sense to put the $3000 toward a new car. I've mourned the Beetle, and am finding the new car to be a very good Fit for me.
  • Spent Memorial Day weekend with my parents, and went to the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. It's huge. And free--if you're anywhere near Dayton, you should check it out. 
  • Celebrated the Feast of Ascension, (speaking of things that are up).
  • Signed up for Pinterest and have found it to be a lovely way to waste time, as well as a way to organize links that is fascinating to this cataloger's brain.
  • Celebrated the Feast of Pentecost with green attire, kneeling, and a fund-raising dinner for a mission that's working to purchase a building.
  • Spent some time with my grandmother.
  • Been playing Word Feud
  • Contemplated what I want for this space. I'm trying to decide whether it's valuable for me to establish some kind of discipline for when I post, or to just continue to let the blog be something I do when so inspired.
  • Squeezed in a few other things here and there.
  • Attempted to live a Christian life, with mixed success. 
And if you made it through that, we're pretty well caught up.