Thursday, August 25, 2011

21 Day Challenge, Day 11: Skirt or Dress

Day 11, Wear a skirt or dress

We're just over halfway through the 21 Day Challenge! Good news if you're getting bored with seeing pictures of my clothes every day. Or if you're my husband and you're getting sick of taking my picture every day. And have you noticed it's getting dark earlier? I got home before dark today, but I started fixing dinner and the next thing I knew the sun had set. I'm kind of bummed because this was one of my favorite outfits so far, and this picture doesn't do justice to these shoes. I really liked how fresh and summery the green and white felt. Autumn may be coming fast, but I'm not ready for it quite yet.

The prompt today was to wear a skirt or dress. This was, without a doubt, the easiest one for me so far. I love wearing skirts and dresses. You may have guessed that by the fact that I wore one every day for the first week. They're so comfortable, and they're much easier in terms of fit than pants and shorts. My first thought with this prompt was to wear a dress, since I've only worn one so far, but then I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to wear my remix piece. It seemed like a no-brainer, since it is a skirt. I've also been wanting a chance to wear these fun green flats, which are a recent Goodwill find. I will definitely wear this again.

Shirt: Old Navy, thrifted; Shoes: Repetto, thrifted; Skirt: Target; jewelry: gifts


  1. That skirt is so floaty and light! Beautiful.

    I love colored flats. They are my favorite accessory!

  2. I agree, the green and white look so fresh together! Love it!

    14 Shades Of Grey

  3. I too love the look of bright green and white together, so I really loved this outfit!


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