Friday, February 18, 2011

Library Cat

Yesterday we had an unusual visitor at the library where I work. It is in a residential neighborhood, so from time to time we have cats wander in or find them hanging out in the parking lot. Thankfully this cat was tagged, so the owner was contacted. Last year a cat stayed with us for several days while library staff tried to find out if it had an owner, and eventually one of the library volunteers adopted it.

I work in a very large room that is not open to the public, so this guy got to spend some time with us. He was very social and liked attention, but as you can imagine, he was not too keen on being trapped in an unfamiliar place. He spent a lot of time prowling around and giving his opinion about the situation. This made it a little tricky to take his picture. I had to catch him whenever he paused. He explored every part of the room and jumped on every desk, counter, table, and cart, but eventually he settled down. Librarians tend to be cat people, so he also spent time in some other offices. He was a welcome distraction, but I'm very glad he had a tag so he could go home where he belongs. I'm sure he was glad, too.


  1. Oh, that last one is such a typical catty pose and facial expression!

  2. awwww!!!! so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hmmmm... I may have a blog post about cats that is inspired by this... but first I need to wash my dishes... sigh. housework and I don't always get along...

  3. Just happened into your blog this evening... This is so adorable!! I just had to chime in.


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