Friday, February 4, 2011

Icing--Or What to Do When You're Iced In

1. Clean your kitchen:
      a. scrub stovetop,
      b. scrub sink,
      c. clear clutter off your counters and clean them,
      d. clean the backsplash,
      e. wipe down your appliances,
      f. clear clutter off the top of your refrigerator and clean it,
      g. clean out your refrigerator.
      h. Get your husband to do the floor.
  2. Do four loads of laundry: wash, dry, put away.
  3. Count your blessings--in particular, thank God that the power has stayed on.
  4. Change the sheets.
  5. Clean the guest bathroom.
  6. Finish the book you're reading.
  7. Spend plenty of time reading blogs and playing on YouTube.
  8. And writing.
  9. Do a project you've been meaning to do for a long time, like seasoning cast iron.
10. Get a little stir crazy and go out in the back yard to take pictures
 11. Cook
      a. pot pie,
      b. a big pot of soup, and
      c. concoct a way to use up the leftover odds and ends you found when cleaning out the fridge.
12. Bake
      a. rye bread
      b. and cake--so you can do a little icing of your own.


  1. Sounds very productive and - yes - fun.

    I personally love being snowed or iced in. Doesn't happen very often here in Richmond,, but is a big adventure when it does.

  2. Mmmm...that cake looks really good. We didn't get much here in Cincinnati...hope all is melted there by now...was sunny today!

  3. Nice... I have to re-clean my house... tomorrow... :)

    thanks for your comment RE my blog, I really appreciate it. Love to you.

  4. It was pretty productive and pretty fun, also! I was very glad to be back at work today though. That was the most time I've spent consecutively in our home since we owned it--Monday evening to Friday morning.

    The ice actually isn't gone, though most of the roads are pretty clear now. It was sunny here today, but still below freezing. The frozen fields looked beautiful tonight as I drove home--pearlescent in the dusk. I wished I had a camera with me, but there's no way I could have captured it.

    Elizabeth, one of the reasons I started blogging again was I had enjoyed the connections I made and was making. Although I've been away from it, you've stayed on my mind and in my prayers.


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