Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Be There and Make a Square

A friend from college is getting married this summer. He is Jewish, and he and his bride will get married under a chuppah. Evidently it's currently popular to involve friends and relatives in the creation of the chuppah as a visible way to represent their love and support as a couple begins their married life.

They sent out these squares and requested that we decorate them and send them back.  The bride's mother will then turn them into a quilt. I'm really curious to see the results when it's all assembled.  I had fun designing the square and then embroidering it during travel and down time in December.

I chose to embroider the square with a comet because that is our college mascot. J + J are the initials of the happy couple, and that's their wedding date.  SFC are my initials.  The color scheme is a bit of a nod to our school as well.

I learned a fair amount about Judaism from this friend, who I dated for quite a while. That was actually an important part of my path to the Orthodox Church. It led me to realize how much ritual speaks to me, and to acknowledge the importance of having guidance on how to lead a Godly life, even for such simple things as choosing what we eat. I'm really grateful for that experience, and wish many years to the engaged couple.

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