Thursday, February 2, 2012

Penciled In

Today our mission, if we chose to accept it, was to create our own interpretation of this outfit:
Image source: J. Crew

This is part of the Open to Interpretation series that Kayla, our challenge host, does along with Amy and Erica. I did it once before. Since we just have to interpret the outfit, and not recreate it identically, this is not Mission: Impossible. It's actually pretty fun. You should take a look at all the variations on the theme. I had the wardrobe pieces to do a pretty close approximation this time. My thoughts with this inspiration pic were: OK, brown sweater, green pencil skirt. I can do that. Since my skirt has the white pattern, I decided to skip the white shirt under the sweater. Instead I opted to wear a black t-shirt. I wanted to incorporate the brown and black together element of the inspiration, and I hoped that layering black under the brown sweater would tie the two together the way the two-toned bag does.

I don't think I would ever have put this outfit together if it weren't for the inspiration. Usually I play it safe and wear this skirt with a white or green top. So both Kayla's challenges have gotten me to try pairing this skirt with something I might not have otherwise. Nice to be expanding my options! I wore the ponytail to further match the inspiration picture. I did not skip earrings because of the picture, though. I am wearing pearl earrings, but unfortunately this picture turned out a bit blurry so you can't really tell. We took a few photos, but this was the best one.

It worked out well to have a dressy outfit for yesterday, since we had Evening Divine Liturgy for the Feast of the Presentation of Christ in the Temple. Blessed feast to all!

Skirt, Ann Taylor Loft. Sweater, Kohls. T-shirt, thrifted. Shoes, Casual Corner. And it may be warmer than usual in Indy, but it's not bare legs warm. I'm wearing hose. Target, I think.


  1. great job! I like the printed skirt! It's great when these challenges get us to step out of our comfort zones :) It's always fun to find new ways to wear things!

  2. "Interpretation" would be so difficult for me, so I was especially eager to see what you would do. Nicely done, both the visual and the text explaining your thinking.

    You have mentioned you have a lot of green in your closet. After seeing these outfits, I'm wondering, percentage-wise, just how much green is in your wardrobe and what other colors are there. In my case, substitute blue or shade/tone variations on burgundy for green, and that's at least 70 percent of mine.

    (another) Elizabeth

  3. Ya know, I didn't even think about the bag, but I loved that you pulled it into your outfit. That skirt is amazing, and you look fantastic!

    North Meets South

  4. Amazing interpretation on this!!!!!!!

    ox from NYC!

  5. I'm so glad it pushed you to create something you wouldn't have thought of on your own! I love this outfit.

    Freckles in April


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