Friday, September 2, 2011

21 Day Challenge, Day 19: Wear Something On Your Head

Day 19: Wear something on your head

Wearing a scarf headband seemed like an easy way to meet today's prompt: wear some kind of head accessory. I don't think I've ever worn a scarf like this before, and when I tried it out, I thought it seemed very 1950s. I went with that idea, and rolled up my jeans, which was a smart move since it was 95 here today. Classic Keds or saddle shoes would have suited the theme, but I don't have any, so ballet flats seemed like the way to go. Here I am in my fave green shoes again, since they are my only ballet flats. I've got to say, wearing three different shades of green kind of hurt my brain. I felt ready to whip off my scarf to start a drag race, but I can't quite decide if the greens worked or not. I'm glad the challenge is taking me out of my comfort zone, though.

Scarf: gift from my Mom from India; Shirt: hand me down; Shoes and jeans: thrifted


  1. Yep. Same here in Cincinnati....TOO hot. LOVE your shoes and the jeans rolled up. I like wearing scarves!

  2. Thanks, Marfa. Wearing scarves is kind of a new thing for me, but I have decided I'm a fan.

  3. Your greens definitely worked together. They don't match, but they coordinate, and that's why they work. I love scarfs on the head, you look great!

  4. VERY awesomely retro. I think the green flats keep it more modern - if you had worn saddle shoes, it might have made it too costume-y. I think the greens look awesome!


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